Wednesday, September 21, 2011

she called me

the latest of wanne 
she's my bestfriend ever
i was text her
 " weh..rindu kau"

after few minute unknown number appear on my phone screen
i just quiet and wait the voice on the line
"HELLO" gotcha! wanne!
she got a free call from maxis
and patutla lama gila we all chat
anything yang we all tak tahu we share together
now she studi kat KPM kolej profesional mara
its okay wanne as long as you continue your study..
she told me that she like business math..she's anti math time sekolah dulu
now she like bagusla..i hope she can get better result on final nanti.bulan 11
i need to meet her..there are a lot of story to tell her..she is my bestfriend ever!

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