Tuesday, August 2, 2011

i just love to laugh actually

entry for today..not to proud..but this is reality..i love of laugh..who don't know me they will called me 'quite person' arrogant.anti social and so on..no..i'm not that.i love to mambling..membebel.blablablaa.i love to laugh..whether its funny or not..i'll laugh with happiness.for me laugh give me full satisfaction being a human..laugh make you healthy..laugh make you forget the sadness..i don't like to cari pasal dengan orang but people like make shit on me..fuck!i'm not seek a trouble..trouble is not my frien actually..but other people always try to seek my mistake..ee..ada je tak kena..i hate it! when people acting good to me i'll give them what they give me..if people make taik dengan aku..jangan harapla nak baik..except he or she ask me to forgive them..hehe..i'm easy to forgive but not easy to forget..sikitla..but lama2..i'll forget..i love to observed..when i'm alone kat bandar ke,kat kelas ke..i like to observed people and environment..but when there's something wrong..i'll tell my friend and we'll laugh together..with that i can get my mood back..so..it's me SITI HAJAR BT MOHAMAD RADZI

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